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Hey everybody!! Did you miss me? No, you didn't! But I did!

I'm back! (kind of). I'm so sorry I just disappeared, for almost a year! It was a very, very stressful year, but very satisfactory to me... Anyway, I'm not free yet. I have some final exams and I'm studying so hard to reach good qualifications, so I'm still a little busy... But I just wanted to come back here, and see how you all guys are doing! I have A LOT of messages, I'll answer them, but very slowly! Patience

I don't want to bore you with my "college life"...

Another thing: I have a facebook page! It´s way more easier to share the drawings there, but don't worry, I'll submit everyone here too!! With a little of time


Here it is in case you want to check it out: Facebook

JF - Dibujos

See you around!! :)
Hello there!!

Some of you knows that I have a blog (ifyoujustbelieve-justbelieve.b…), I use it to share my art... As I don't draw a lot, I was thinking about sharing some art I like of people from DA, obviously giving credit and by linking their page, just to promote them and don't let the blog die...

Do you think it's a good idea?? Please, let me know in the comments!!

By the way, if you want to visit my blog, it is in spanish, BUT you can use the translator in the right side of the page...

See you!
Hey my dearest followers!!

Here I am, I'm back! It's been a very busy year, I'm so sorry I just desapeared, I didn't have time to draw or even come around DA...
Now I have some vacations, I hope to see you around!!

Happy Holidays! :)
Hey everybody!
It's been a long time since I don't come here, and the reason is always the same: college!
I haven't finished yet, I still have one last exam and I can be back and draw again... :)

Today I come her to ask you a favor! Please?
I need you to vote my picture for a contest, I will love you forever! :love: You can vote every 24 hs
CLICK HERE ------> <---------CLICK HERE
And if you can share it with friends, I will love ypu even more!

Thank you so much!!! :heart:
I'll see you soon around here!! :D

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He aqui uno de los mejores videos que encontre sobre la avant... E incluso aparezco yo por unos segundos... Jajajaja…

Yes!! I have alredy 100 watchers!! I can't believe it! Thank you so much people! Thanks for all the support... Love you!!
I'd love to make some drawings as gifts, but I don't have the time right now... I'm studying for my exams (as always) but maybe in my vacations I'll make something for you!! :)

Love you all!!! :heart:
Yeeeeeees!!! I just won tickets for the Avant Premiere of The Hobbit here in Argentina!!! I just can't believe it!! I'm so, sooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

I have happy tears in my eyes!!!!

Si sos de Argentina y queres participar, todavia tenes chances!!!
Visita esta pagina:…
Somebody sent this to me, here in DA....

My name is Ms. joy ,i saw your profile today and became interested
in you,i will also like to know you the more,and if you do not mind i
will like you to send an email to my email address so i can give you
my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email
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waiting for your mail to my email address above.(Remember the distance
or color does not matter even our age different because i have
something very IMPORTANT to tell you,but love matters allot in life""

WTF??? D:
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How the hell they did this? The video was made in one continuous take... I don't know, I just love it!!

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Hola gente!! Paso rapidito a contarles que a partir de maņana y hasta el domingo se inaugura la primera edicion de "Expoarte", una exposicion de artistas argentinos de renombre mundial, entre los cuales se encontrara exponiendo mi idolo Ciruelo Cabral!! Se realizara en el Palacio San Miguel, Buenos Aires, y la entrada sera de $50

Mas info:…

Espero poder ir... Dependera de como este de tiempo y dinero... Ya se enteraran... Jaja

Saludetes y espero que puedan ir!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!! :dummy:
Gracias kirkpatrickpsalm!!!! :lol:
Hey everybody!! Here I am, and I'm alive... I finished with my first exams yesterday, I'm so tired! Anyway, I can't draw yet, I still have to study for every class... D:

And, I wanted to show you one band I really love right now... The band is Walk off the Earth, they are from Canada, and they are AWESOME!! I'm in love with them! You should listen some of their songs... They have covers and original songs, check it out!!!… "Somebody that I used to know" cover… "Payphone" cover… "Money tree" Original song… "Joan and Bobby" Original song

And check their youtube channel, they have a lot of awesome songs!!!

Love you all!! :heart:
Hace unos momentos me di cuenta que a mi gata le dispararon. Es la segunda vez que pasa algo asi... Hace mas o menos uno o dos meses mi gata aparecio con una herida infectada en la cabeza, entre las dos orejas, justo en el centro. Cuando la llevamos al veterinario resulto que era producto de un balin de rifle de aire comprimido... La tratamos con lavajes con agua oxigenada y antibioticos inyectables. Se curo...
Hoy resulta que la gata aparecio con pus en la cabeza... Me costo bastante limpiarle la herida, porque ya saben como son los gatos, y resulto que era igual a aquella que habia recibido en la region frontal de la cabeza, pero esta vez detras de la oreja derecha... Esta infectada y vamos a tratarla de la misma manera que la vez pasada (obviamente hablamos con el veterinario)

Me da bronca que los vecinos sean esa clase de gente, que les puede hacer mi gata? El problema es que ella anda paseando por arriba de los techos, y bueno... Parece que hay gente a la que eso le molesta...
Realmente es triste que mi propia gata sea mi primer paciente... Pero bueno, eso es todo!!
Espero que todos tengan un bueno comienzo de semana y perdon por las noticias turbias!!
I made a new account for my photos... If you are interested you can find me here---> JustBelieve-Photos

I'm not drawing because I have no time... I really want to do something, but college is killing me... :(
I just hope I can get vacations... I have a lot of ideas!!

Well... Thanks for reading!! See ya!! :)
Hello hello :music:

Ok, I have to do this... I've been so lazy and haven't got the time to make this journal...
I started college about... 4 weeks ago? That's why I'm not drawing anymore, and I don't comment like I used to do... I'll try to visit DA as much as the studies let me, so I want to say sorry if I only fave your work, or I do short comments, or none of them... I just need vacations again... u.u

See you people! Love you all!! :heart:
I love this song:

Here's the new trailer!!…

I can't wait to see it!!! I love Silent Hill, I've got one of the games and I know the story of most of them... (I didn't play them because they are so scary!!!)
If you didn'd play SH3 the film is gonna be great! But they changed a lot the original story of the game on the film... I really don't care so much, it always happend when they make a movie based on a book or a game... So I'm so happy, and I'm gonna watch this on the cinema!!! (I've seen the traile 5 times in less than an hour... :XD:)

Do you like Silent Hill?
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Hey everybody!! I've got a blog!! :dummy:
I've got just an entry, but I'm going to submit all my drawings soon... Also the only entry I've got is in spanish, but don't worry, because I'll start submiting in english!!

If you have a blog, send me a link!! So I can follow you!! :)

Now I'm working on a new drawing... I want to finish it before I start college... I'm pretty happy whit it... :)

You also can find me at:
If you're one of the first 9 people to comment this journal, I'm gonna feature you :la::la::la:

(You already know the roll I guess... adding your avatar and 3 deviations that are the best ones in my opinion... BUT! if you have any special drawings that you want to me to feature, please TELL ME! If you don't tell me anything, I'll put the ones I like the most).

If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal, putting me on the first place! The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So be a nice deviant!! ;)

1.- :icon7tuchi: :thumb292946262: :thumb227098827::thumb178033071:

2.- :iconmasterofrandom: :thumb314588328: :thumb296758681: :thumb292142787:

3.- :iconinkscaled: Old Twilight by InkScaled Shine On by InkScaled Leaved wings by InkScaled

4.- :icontyke101: Kimiko by tyke101 Arrow flight by tyke101 More crappy portland sketch by tyke101





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